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Kinga and Anatoly Stolnikoff are Belgians of Hungarian and Russian origin. Born in Louvain and Leopoldville, they now live in Paris.


After studying political science at the Catholic University of Louvain, Kinga went on to study design in London, where she returned with her Easy Chair folding chair. She studied screen printing at La Cambre and then joined Anatoly while developing her own work as a painter and photographer. In Paris, she met Denise Colomb and Edouard Boubat.


Anatoly, after studying at the European School and Saint-Luc in Brussels (where he invented Tubus, an anthropomorphic assembly doll inspired by the Bauhaus), joined the group.


Their formal research developed through different disciplines, like the branches that make up the crown of a tree. The cosmopolitan influences of their multilingual upbringing have left their mark on their creations with their expressive variety, and their favourite terrain is the concept of "play", including language games.

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