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Nazif Lopulissa (1991, Rotterdam) is a Dutch artist also known as Nasbami whose work explores the ordinary. A graduate of the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, Lopulissa began her career in graffiti.

His work is playful, daring, colorful and blurs the line between imagination and reality. He is fascinated by playgrounds due to the internal contradiction between their playfulness and the strict design rules they are built on.


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Johan Van Mullem lets it come, without knowing. He works his paintings hand in hand and never takes them back. 
Some are erased in places, details are here evaded and there highlighted. Sometimes the whole seems to emerge from the support like an apparition.

His painting is totally intuitive; it rises from the collective subconscious memory to the light of consciousness. 

This painting process is done through multiple layers. Each layer is then erased to give life to a new layer which in turn disappears ... And this continues until the painter reaches the last layer which exists for him as evidence.


This last phase keeps the unconscious traces of all the previous ones. Just as every living being keeps traces of the different stages it goes through. Johan's work is exhibited internationally and can be found in many important collections.

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