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Kevin Denis is a Belgian artist born in 1982. Street art has always been an undeniable source of inspiration for his creative work, as has his reflection on the impact of the passage of time and the impossibility of turning back.


For the last ten years or so, Kevin Denis' work has revolved around spontaneity, with all its splendour and cracks: "There's no plan beforehand, it's a constant search for coherence between the shapes and contrasts that emerge naturally as the composition progresses". The subtle blend of light and dark is a perfect reflection of his personality.


All our actions, whether successful or not, create our history.


Some mistakes resonate with us, either destroying us or, if we are aware of them, helping us to refocus and find our bearings. The mistakes and failures that we always try to hide are good to remember and can sometimes be useful.

Some paintings are designed to bring to light elements considered to be mistakes. Pieces of paintings, soaked rags, traces of the past, elements that have played a role in the evolution of history. Reappropriated and combined, they finally resonate. The aim of this pictorial research is to make us aware that all our actions have a real impact on the outcome of our lives. Reinventing ourselves, growing from our mistakes. Accepting the traces of the past.

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