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He is one of the founders of the Loray movement. This cultural movement played an important role in the renewal of Haitian artistic language in the 2000s and has become an inseparable element of the dynamism of the new artistic youth in Haiti.

The current creation of Prévaris reveals a new movement of Haitian painting which reinvents forms and adopts a new style while maintaining certain strong cultural references of Haiti. Addressing our sensitive perception, the vibrations communicated by the artist can confuse and distract from the subject.

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If, from the start, the mastery of colors can strike the spectator's gaze, the artist's painting does not grant color primacy over form, as was the case in Fauvism.
His pictorial writing finds its singularity in a pronounced return of yellow, red ... These bright colors bring a living touch and a whirlwind of energy to revive from the ashes of the post-earthquake balance this energy, this light specific to Haiti that the youth represented by the latter wants to convey.

N the place of his compositions saturate colors, it reinvents the look you could wear them. It is a resolutely modern painting with a strong abstract character. His works solicit the complicity of the gaze: they invite the public to wander through the signs, and the shapes represented translate a palpable emotion.

Building a cultural bridge between Europe and Haiti, the artist proposes a change of perspective to bring a new artistic and visual dimension. The transmission of symbolic markers of a culture characterizes the work of the plastic artist who reinvents this heritage to bring the news and the future of young Haitian creation.

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