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Cathy Coëz is a French visual artist living in Brussels since 1988. She first learned about drawing before moving on to sculpture in 2007. Her favorite materials today are clay, porcelain, oak; at the same time, she continues to work on drawing, mainly through pigment prints.


His works are exhibited and belong to European, Asian and American collections.

Clay drawing #7 White & red fluoro 82.jpg
Clay drawing #21 Black 211. copyright Wells Fargo Bank.jpg
Clay drawing #20 Black 100 Frederik Vercruyse .jpg
Clay drawing #20 Black 100 Frederik Vercruyse .jpg
Clay drawing #20 Black 100 Frederik Vercruyse .jpg

Recurrently, the ceramics of Cathy Coëz materialize a tension between characteristics generally considered to be mutually exclusive. Such a dialectic permeates the Clay Drawings and the Porcelain Drawings, two series started in 2008. These suites consist of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works.

In this sense, they revisit the problematic of bas-relief, but while it is located halfway between flatness and the round, the Clay Drawings and the Porcelain Drawings are both completely mural and completely sculptural, the first quality appearing when the work is understood as a whole and the second when it is considered on the scale of each of the small elements that constitute it. Likewise, the notions of uniqueness and multiplicity are combined in these installations.

In a number of more recent works, the tensions are diversified and structure, as would the axes, a mental space which, although it is intangible, is nonetheless significant.

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